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QSpiDBusCache Class Reference

#include <cache.h>

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Public Slots

QSpiAccessibleCacheArray GetItems ()


void AddAccessible (const QSpiAccessibleCacheItem &nodeAdded)
void RemoveAccessible (const QSpiObjectReference &nodeRemoved)

Public Member Functions

void emitAddAccessible (const QSpiAccessibleCacheItem &item)
void emitRemoveAccessible (const QSpiObjectReference &item)
 QSpiDBusCache (QDBusConnection c, QObject *parent=0)

Detailed Description

This class is responsible for the AT-SPI cache interface.

The idea behind the cache is that starting an application would result in many dbus calls. The way GTK/Gail/ATK work is that they create accessibles for all objects on startup. In order to avoid querying all the objects individually via DBus they get sent by using the GetItems call of the cache.

Additionally the AddAccessible and RemoveAccessible signals are responsible for adding/removing objects from the cache.

Definition at line 37 of file cache.h.

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