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QSpiAdaptor Class Reference

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Public Slots

bool AddColumnSelection (int column)
bool AddRowSelection (int row)
bool AddSelection (int startOffset, int endOffset)
bool Contains (int x, int y, uint coord_type)
void CopyText (int startPos, int endPos)
bool CutText (int startPos, int endPos)
bool DeleteText (int startPos, int endPos)
bool DoAction (int index)
QSpiObjectReference GetAccessibleAt (int row, int column)
QSpiObjectReference GetAccessibleAtPoint (int x, int y, uint coord_type)
QSpiActionArray GetActions ()
double GetAlpha ()
QSpiObjectReference GetApplication () const
QSpiAttributeSet GetAttributeRun (int offset, bool includeDefaults, int &startOffset, int &endOffset)
QSpiAttributeSet GetAttributes () const
QSpiAttributeSet GetAttributes (int offset, int &startOffset, int &endOffset)
QString GetAttributeValue (int offset, const QString &attributeName, int &startOffset, int &endOffset, bool &defined)
QSpiRangeList GetBoundedRanges (int x, int y, int width, int height, uint coordType, uint xClipType, uint yClipType)
int GetCharacterAtOffset (int offset)
int GetCharacterExtents (int offset, uint coordType, int &y, int &width, int &height)
QSpiObjectReference GetChildAtIndex (int index) const
QSpiObjectReferenceArray GetChildren () const
int GetColumnAtIndex (int index)
QString GetColumnDescription (int column)
int GetColumnExtentAt (int row, int column)
QSpiObjectReference GetColumnHeader (int column)
QSpiAttributeSet GetDefaultAttributes ()
QSpiAttributeSet GetDefaultAttributeSet ()
QString GetDescription (int index)
QSpiRect GetExtents (uint coord_type)
int GetIndexAt (int row, int column)
int GetIndexInParent () const
QString GetKeyBinding (int index)
uint GetLayer ()
QString GetLocale (uint lctype)
QString GetLocalizedRoleName () const
short GetMDIZOrder ()
QString GetName (int index)
int GetNSelections ()
int GetOffsetAtPoint (int x, int y, uint coordType)
int GetPosition (uint coord_type, int &y)
int GetRangeExtents (int startOffset, int endOffset, uint coordType, int &y, int &width, int &height)
QSpiRelationArray GetRelationSet () const
uint GetRole () const
QString GetRoleName () const
int GetRowAtIndex (int index)
bool GetRowColumnExtentsAtIndex (int index, int &row, int &col, int &row_extents, int &col_extents, bool &is_selected)
QString GetRowDescription (int row)
int GetRowExtentAt (int row, int column)
QSpiObjectReference GetRowHeader (int row)
QSpiIntList GetSelectedColumns ()
QSpiIntList GetSelectedRows ()
int GetSelection (int selectionNum, int &endOffset)
int GetSize (int &height)
QSpiUIntList GetState () const
QString GetText (int startOffset, int endOffset)
QString GetTextAfterOffset (int offset, uint type, int &startOffset, int &endOffset)
QString GetTextAtOffset (int offset, uint type, int &startOffset, int &endOffset)
QString GetTextBeforeOffset (int offset, uint type, int &startOffset, int &endOffset)
bool GrabFocus ()
bool InsertText (int position, const QString &text, int length)
bool IsColumnSelected (int column)
bool IsRowSelected (int row)
bool IsSelected (int row, int column)
bool PasteText (int position)
bool RemoveColumnSelection (int column)
bool RemoveRowSelection (int row)
bool RemoveSelection (int selectionNum)
bool SetCaretOffset (int offset)
bool SetSelection (int selectionNum, int startOffset, int endOffset)
bool SetTextContents (const QString &newContents)


void ChildrenChanged (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)
void Focus (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)
void PropertyChange (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)
void StateChanged (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)
void TextCaretMoved (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)
void TextChanged (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data, const QSpiObjectReference &parent)

Public Member Functions

virtual void accessibleEvent (QAccessible::Event event)=0
QAccessibleInterface * associatedInterface () const
QSpiObjectReference caption () const
int caretOffset () const
int characterCount () const
int childCount () const
int childIndex () const
double currentValue () const
QString description () const
QString GetApplicationBusAddress () const
QSpiAccessibleCacheItem getCacheItem () const
QSpiAdaptorgetChild (int child) const
QObject * getObject () const
virtual QSpiObjectReference getParentReference () const =0
virtual QSpiObjectReference getReference () const
QStringList getSupportedInterfaces () const
int id () const
double maximumValue () const
double minimumIncrement () const
double minimumValue () const
int nActions () const
QString name () const
int nColumns () const
int nRows () const
int nSelectedColumns () const
int nSelectedRows () const
QSpiObjectReference parent () const
 QSpiAdaptor (QAccessibleInterface *interface, int index)
void SetCurrentValue (double value)
void signalChildrenChanged (const QString &type, int detail1, int detail2, const QDBusVariant &data)
QSpiObjectReference summary () const
QString toolkitName () const
QString version () const

Protected Attributes

QAccessibleInterface * interface
QSpiObjectReference reference
QStringList supportedInterfaces


QSpiObjectReference Caption
int CaretOffset
int CharacterCount
int ChildCount
double CurrentValue
QString Description
int Id
double MaximumValue
double MinimumIncrement
double MinimumValue
int NActions
QString Name
int NColumns
int NRows
int NSelectedColumns
int NSelectedRows
QSpiObjectReference Parent
QSpiObjectReference Summary
QString ToolkitName
QString Version

Private Member Functions

bool checkInterface () const

Private Attributes

int child

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file adaptor.h.

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